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  • Short Term Funds Available
    You're probably familiar with the regular type of payday loan; where you are loaned cash for a very short-term - just until you get your next paycheck. Now, a new type of payday advance has been introduced - an instant cash advance that doesn't need to be repayed for three months.
  • Tell Us Your Experiences with Online Loans
    If you have taken out an online cash advance or debt consolidation loan in the last two years; we would love to hear from you! How did it go? Do you feel like you got a fair deal? Did the company treat you well?
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    You don't have to give us your name or any personal details. We will publish a selection of the emails received - stay tuned!
  • Rising Interest Rates and Online Credit
    There are differences of opinion as to the timing; but most would agree that interest rates are on the way up. What will be the effect on credit on the internet and how soon will we see cost increases?
  • Online loan companies are not very subject to small differences in interest rates as they typically charge high enough rates (compared to banks) that small interest rate increases don't make a big impact. However, significant increases in interest rates would inevitably result in higher borrowing costs. But usually, you should not see small rate changes occurring as frequently as you would with a bank.
  • Don't Keep Renewing Payday Loans
    If you get a payday advance it can be tempting to renew the loan at the end of the term, instead of paying it back. This is never a good idea as you would probably end up paying quite a bit of money towards fees and interests. An online cash advance can be a lifesaver but you should always be sure to repay the loan in full at the end of the term.
  • If you need more than the usual 2 weeks or so to pay back the credit you receive, then look at companies like 100 Day Loans or other financial institutions that offer short term personal loans.

    Student Loan News

    If you're looking for a college loan and live in Connecticut, a program called the education supplemental loan program has millions of dollars available in financing for the next academic year. Interest rates are reasonable - recently 5.9%. Its a great time to take advantage of it while rates are so low.

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      Credit Access is always Important

      The availability of credit makes a huge difference in driving the economy. Businessmen know this as do government policy makers. Thus online credit companies can contribute to overall economic strength by offering financing to many people who may not be able to get it from banks. Read more...